Controversies and misunderstandings go hand in hand-


Anusual became famous on and almost every Indian read the book. Soon it was interviewed by New York Post sellers and anusual flooded the America with its charm. And anusual made its way to

-says Anu

About Anu

Aashiqui star, supermodel, Anu Aggarwal is a self-made young achiever who began with a Masters in Social Work degree to officially equip herself to serve community. Anu has been writing poems, prose since she was 11 years old. Her memoir Anusual is confessional writing which comes as a fresh breeze to spread hope in hopeless times of today.  
She penned her incredible rags-to-riches-renunciation memoir Anusual after she defied death and single handily healed herself miraculously from a dozen fractures and cognitive, memory loss. 
Anusual was released worldwide by HarperCollins. 
Anusual story was also picked and became a TEDx story and Anu has since inspired millions through her talks worldwide. She is the founder, chairman, CEO of AAF, a non-profit company that has led tens and thousands people to fun filled fitness and joy. peace. 


ND, International Author,Yoga guru, TEDx speaker, Iconic Actor/Model, Monk, Deep Sea Diver, Philanthropist, MSW

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love silence. value awareness. living mindfully in the present moment i hold a lifestyle worth striving for. teaching ways to heal balm and chill. to overcome the manmade limitations. raw-food-diet cook. deep-sea diving. treehugging. walking the Himalayan terrain. paints surrealistic art. hold Nada Yoga valuable. yogi lives yoga a lifestyle.


Yoga Award GOI, Smiley Ambassador, Youth Icon award 2014, Woman of Substance Award RI, Best Actor Mauritius Govt, Duke Edinborough award, Govt. scholarship holder for Bronze medal in graduation, innumerable awards for the first movie 'Aashiqui' a blockbuster, Monk

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Iconic Actor who quit top star ranking and is now a research case study– living symbol of alternative yoga therapy
 Amazon Customer's Review (ANUSUAL)

Pooja Nair
Breezy and an unsual account of a life gone by
I wasn't expecting much out of this book after reading a bevy of disappointing autobiographies. But this one surprised me. It is worded beautifully and shows the rather unusual journey of a once-glam actress. All in all, worth a read!

Samit kar
Pretty nice writing of one of the most underrated actress ...
Pretty nice writing of one of the most underrated actress of India. Read it to know how she struggled all the way in her personal and professional life , defying death and come up as a real winner. Pretty inspiring.

Twist of Life
Ms Aggarwals life is like a novel. The way she has accepted it and living is commendable.She should write the other half in future so readers will know that her decisions like not joining the entertainment industry again was really right or wrong.

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